Our Mission

Partnering with Parents in Training Their Children to Love and Live for Jesus by Engaging Them with the Timeless Truths of God’s Word in a Learner-Friendly and Life-Related Way. 


At SWBC, Children’s Ministry is more than childcare—Children’s Ministry is discipleship. We believe parents are charged by God to train the children he has entrusted to them to: 

LIVE for God rather than for themselves (Matt. 22:37-38)

LOVE others as themselves (Matt. 22:39)

LEAD others to do the same (Matt. 28:18-20)

We believe the church also has a responsibility to teach the next generation about God (Deut. 6, Psalm 78), which we fulfill in partnership with the parents through Children’s Ministry.


Sunday Mornings

We have Children’s Ministry classes on Sunday mornings for infants through 3rd grade during both services, and our 4th-5th grade class meets at 10:30 during second service. Each class is focused on teaching children in safe, age-appropriate environment to value and understand God’s word. Classes are divided into the following groups:


NURSERY (approximately 0-3 years)


Koalas:* This is our babies class (approximately 0-22 months). As they are getting comfortable with church, our babies are cared for by loving servants that hold them, play with them, pray and sing with them, read the Bible to them.


Kangaroos:* As these kids (approximately 22 months-3 years) are getting stable on their feet, they are also getting a stable foundation in Scripture. Over the course of a year, the Kangaroos learn the “big picture” of the Bible and get to start memorizing six foundational Bible verses. They also learn valuable lessons about living for Jesus through play-time and worship.


PRESCHOOL (approximately 3 years-Kindergarten)

Monkeys:* The Monkeys class spends the year learning lessons from either the Old Testament or the New Testament depending on the year. The Monkeys learn 12 memory verses in their class, and spend time learning to worship through song.


Giraffes:*  The Giraffes class functions similar to the Monkeys class, but as these children enter Kindergarten, the lessons involve greater detail and depth in a way the older kids will understand.


ELEMENTARY (1st-5th grade)


1st-3rd:  The 1st-3rd graders continue to study the whole of Scripture, but as their understanding increases, so does the depth of the lesson. Beginning in 1st grade, the children learn one verse per month, including new verses each year, which we hope gives them time to not only memorize the verse, but understand what it means and store it in their hearts.


4th-5th:  As these kids prepare to transition from elementary school to middle school, they have opportunities to learn more about studying the Bible, memorizing Scripture, and sharing their faith on their own. Also, this class only meets during second service, and we encourage these kids to begin attending worship service with their families during first service.


* These classes have no rigid age requirements, but the general guidelines are: Koalas (birth-20 months), Kangaroos (20 months-3 years and potty trained), Monkeys (3 years and potty-trained-4½ years), Giraffes (4½ years-Kindergarten)


For more information about Children's Ministry, please contact Family Pastor Scott Rhodes.

We exist to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ among all peoples.

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